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Soil Expansion Treatments

If you need soil expansion treatment services across Kauai, Oahu, Maui, or the Big Island, contact Foundation Systems Hawaii at 808.833.7173 for reliable, affordable service.

Welcome to Foundation Systems Hawaii, your trusted partner for comprehensive foundation repair solutions on the beautiful island of Oahu. We understand the unique challenges that Oahu’s climate and soil conditions pose to your property’s foundation. One such challenge is soil expansion, and we’re here to address it with expert solutions.

Understanding Soil Expansion

Soil expansion is a common issue in many parts of Oahu due to its volcanic soil composition and tropical climate. It occurs when the soil beneath a building’s foundation absorbs moisture, causing it to expand. This expansion can exert pressure on your foundation, leading to various structural problems over time. The consequences of soil expansion include foundation settlement, cracking, and damage to your property.

Signs of Soil Expansion

Identifying the signs of soil expansion is crucial for addressing the issue before it causes extensive damage. Some common signs to watch out for include:

  • Cracks in Walls or Floors: Noticeable cracks in your interior and exterior walls or foundation floors.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows: Doors and windows that suddenly become difficult to open or close due to the shifting foundation.
  • Uneven Floors: Floors that slope or become uneven, indicating potential foundation movement.
  • Bowing or Leaning Walls: Walls that appear to be leaning or bowing, a clear sign of foundation stress.
  • Separation in Crown Molding or Trim: Gaps or separation in crown molding, trim, or baseboards due to structural shifts.

Our Soil Expansion Solutions

At Foundation Systems Hawaii, we offer a range of effective solutions to address soil expansion and its impact on your foundation. Our services include:

  • Foundation Underpinning: Our foundation underpinning solutions involve strengthening and stabilizing your foundation to counteract the effects of soil expansion. This may include methods like helical piers, push piers, or micro-piles, tailored to your specific foundation needs.
  • Moisture Management: We address soil expansion at its source by implementing moisture management systems. These systems help control and redirect water away from the foundation, reducing the likelihood of soil expansion.
  • Foundation Repair: If your foundation has already suffered damage due to soil expansion, we provide comprehensive foundation repair services, including crack sealing, wall realignment, and foundation leveling.

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Don’t wait until water-related issues affect your property’s foundation. Trust Foundation Systems Hawaii for effective drainage solutions tailored to Oahu’s conditions. We’re here to provide the solutions that give you the confidence to build from the ground up. We offer free foundation inspections so we can provide you with the right solution, the first time. Get in touch with us today.

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